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Make it easier for your athletes to hit their stride, every time they step onto the field

Play it Safe

Fields with USGreentech infills are ready for anything. Artificial turf football field systems with our infills always have a pad underneath. So you can trust your athletes stay safer from the moment they step onto the turf. And with USGreentech infill options, you can choose an infill that is 100% natural or antimicrobial — leaving you to focus on power plays, not safety concerns.

Expect Consistency

USGreentech infills are durable, dense, and massively low-maintenance. Boost your players ability to dodge tackles, pivot quickly, and get possession of the ball with a consistent artificial turf surface. Welcome the marching band or extra practice to your football field without worry. Fields with Envirofill or Safeshell play the same on day 1 as they do on day 1,000.

Firm, Fast Surface

USGreentech infills provide a fast, firm surface — unlike crumb rubber fields, which drain athlete’s energy with bounce-shock. Think of it like running on the beach. As opposed to dry sand, wet sand is compact: you can run without resistance and energy loss. Would you rather run on the dry sand (crumb rubber) or the wet sand (USG infills)? 

Meet Envirofill

Invest in your athletes. Wow your fans. Athletic directors choose Envirofill for their artificial turf football fields because it’s antimicrobial, low-maintenance, and easily matched to the team’s aesthetics.

Benefits of Envirofill

Envirofill is the only artificial turf infill infused with MicrobanⓇ antimicrobial protection. Because you don’t have time to worry about the growth of bacteria, mold, and mildew that causes stains, odors, and product deterioration. With Microban’s product protection for the lifetime of your infill, you’re free to focus on your athletes.


The real home-field advantage? Envirofill is seriously low-maintenance. Keep your sports turf lush-looking and tidy, even in drought-prone areas. And unlike artificial turf with crumb rubber infill, you’ll save time not having to re-spread flyaway tire-bits, or with frequent topping off. Less upkeep, more power plays.


Elevate the look of your artificial sports fields with Envirofill. Never cringe at black shadows from crumb rubber again. Envirofill for sports fields comes in three colors -- green, tan, and red clay. Discover just the right shade of infill for your new football field or stadium.

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Meet Safeshell

Lead your team to victory — and your community in sustainability. Safeshell is an organic infill developed from a rapidly renewable resource: US-grown English and Black walnut shells. Athletic directors choose Safeshell for their artificial turf football fields because it’s cooling, long-lasting, and 100% natural and organic.

Benefits of Safeshell

Teams playing on Safeshell get the benefit of evaporative cooling. Some artificial turf fields reach temps 35º to 55º F hotter than natural grass fields. Consider this: like soil keeps natural grass cool, Safeshell absorbs water with minimal expansion — and releases moisture slowly over time. This keeps surfaces from heating up too quickly. And unlike other organic infills, Safeshell doesn’t require water to cool the field.

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Safeshell is the lowest maintenance organic infill on the market. Durability is a common frustration with organic infill, a challenge we took to heart when we developed our proprietary blend. Meet Black and English walnut shells: not only are they a sustainable resource, but they’re also some of the densest nutshells in the world. Safeshell delivers long-lasting performance for your football field, without constant upkeep.


Trust your athletes are playing on a proven safe, natural foundation. Our organic artificial turf infill has been added to the government registry of approved and preferred infills by the USDA. In fact, Safeshell is one of the only 100% USDA Certified BioPreferred infill on the market. Yes, it’s actually just walnut shells! And we never use any chemicals in the creation of our all-natural infill, ever.

USDA Certified BioBased Infill
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In research mode? If you’re considering synthetic turf for your football field — and you want to learn more about choosing the ideal infill — we made this 25-minute webinar just for you, Watch this intro to infill webinar to learn more about cost, maintenance, surface heat, abrasiveness, and sustainability for your synthetic turf athletic field.

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Artificial Turf Infill for football fields: Envirofill and Safeshell

In research mode? Browse our resource library to discover which USGreentech infill will take your sports field to the next level

Learn more about the benefits of Envirofill and Safeshell

Why do football players and coaches love USGreentech infill?


Both Envirofill and Safeshell are non-toxic, allergen-free, and certified non-hazardous -- and our artificial turf infill is always paired with a pad for extra protection.


Athletes and coaches don’t have time to waste on constant upkeep. That’s why we’ve formulated Envirofill and Safeshell specifically to require little to no maintenance, season after season.

Fast & Firm Surface

Safeshell and Envirofill help win games. USGreentech’s infills are an integral part of quality artificial sports field turf systems that support agility, so players can get where they need to be, safely.

Frequently Asked Questions
For a full-size athletic field, the cost will vary based on many factors. Once the field owner commits to putting in a pad, the increase to go to a progressive infill over crumb rubber can be as little as $50,000. Read this blog to learn more:
Though we highlight only 5 categories, the number of infill types exceeds 15+. Most fall within each of the 5 categories and present different benefits and best use cases. Read this blog to learn more:
Yes! Each infill category has its strengths and weaknesses. Often an infill will work better in one area of the country than another. Weighing the factors unique to your own situation is essential in choosing the right option. USGreentech has 2 of the most innovative, highest performing products that fall within each alternative infill category above. Use our system recommender to find the right infill for you.
Infill provides ballast and stability in a turf system, keeping fibers standing tall and creating the support an athlete needs when they run across a field. Read this blog to learn more:
Infill affects ball roll, how fast an athlete can move across a field, and how safely they can play on a field. It can have a big impact on the performance of a field and in many cases a bigger impact than any other component of the system.
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