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A Baseball Field to Rival Your Toughest Competition

Bring your best to the game every day on an artificial turf baseball field that works for your athletes.

Speed Up Your Game

Baseball players need a field that’s ready for their level of play — no matter if it’s practice or a game. USGreentech infills are made for fast play on a surface that’s both firm and supportive. Whether it’s the infield or the outfield, your players can move at the pace they want — with the safety they need.

Rely on Consistency

Play on baseball field turf that improves your athletes’ game each time they suit up. Envirofill and Safeshell infills create consistently level surfaces — so the ball travels to players smoothly anywhere on the field. No athlete wants to have to worry about bumps and bounces when they’re playing — and now, they don’t have to.

Minimize Flyout And Eliminate Marking

Empower your players. Boost their confidence with an infill that supports minimal flyout. Unlike crumb rubber fields, USGreentech infills can reduce flyout volume by as much as 85%. In addition to reducing flyout, USGreentech infills won’t leave unsightly marks on the ball like rubber will. Spend less time focusing on the state of your field and more time on the flow of the game.

Meet Envirofill

Outhustle, outwork, and outplay your competition. Build an artificial turf baseball field to boost your game against your toughest rivals. Athletes and athletic directors choose Envirofill for their artificial turf baseball fields because it’s low-maintenance, non-toxic, and high performing.

Benefits of Envirofill

The real winning factor? Artificial turf baseball fields are more equipped to handle springtime rains than natural grass. Envirofill’s shape and size make it a drainage powerhouse for turf. Now, you don’t have to dread rainy spring days and cancelled games. Be game ready, no matter the weather.


Team safety is a top priority, so choose an infill that will put your — and your players’ — minds at ease. Whether your athletes are getting low for a ground ball or sliding from base to base, you can rest assured they’ll be safe each time they hit the ground. Envirofill is non-toxic and infused with Microban® antimicrobial protection to prevent the growth of bacteria and odor causing microbes.


Play on a field that supports every base hit and homerun. Athletes want to play on a surface that is smooth and reliable, so they don’t have to worry about uneven spots and unpredictable ground balls. Envirofill infill boosts performance by creating a fast, dependable turf field, so athletes can challenge opponents by speeding up the game — just like they would on natural grass.

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Meet Safeshell

Win on and off the field. Revamp your field by combining high-quality play with safety and durability. Safeshell infill is organic, non-toxic, and biodegradable so you can feel good about your field, the well-being of your athletes, and the planet.

Benefits of Safeshell

Athletics are unpredictable, but you can be proactive in staying ahead of injuries. Fly balls, especially, can put players in vulnerable positions that can easily lead to injury. Safeshell infill is great for your field’s warning tracks and promotes player safety. It’s made from 100% USA grown walnut shells which give it a distinct feel and sound that signal to players that they’re getting close to the perimeter of the field.


Make your field look authentic and aesthetically pleasing. The natural brown hue of Safeshell perfectly blends into the warning tracks of baseball fields. Its clean look makes it a winning combo for any artificial turf baseball field.


Build a field that will last season after season. Safeshell is made from the durable shells of Black and English walnuts, which keeps it in place day after day. Backed by an 8-year warranty, you can count on Safeshell to hold up through heavy usage and seasonal weather changes.

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In research mode? If you’re considering synthetic turf for your baseball field — and you want to learn more about choosing the ideal infill — we made this 25-minute webinar just for you, Watch this intro to infill webinar to learn more about cost, maintenance, surface heat, abrasiveness, and sustainability for your synthetic turf athletic field.

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Environmentally-Conscious Baseball Field Turf Installed in Pierce County, WA

With a growing area population, Pierce County Parks and Recreation dealt with heavy foot traffic on their fields. In this article, you’ll find out how they were able to maintain the health of their fields, broaden their accessibility to the community, and focus on being environmentally-conscious with Envirofill artificial turf infill.

Bolivar-Richburg High School Chooses Envirofill for Baseball Turf Field

Bolivar-Richburg High School had to choose an infill for their artificial turf baseball field that was going to perform well and support the safety of their athletes. Read how Envirofill met all their criteria for a new field. 

Safeshell Warning Track Installed at Kent Meridian High School

Kent Meridian High School needed to build a synthetic turf baseball field with player safety as a top priority. By installing a warning track with Safeshell, it helped give players distinct warning cues for field balls. Read how Safeshell played a key role in keeping these athletes away from harm.  

Long-lasting infill for artificial turf baseball fields: Envirofill and Safeshell

Feeling inspired to renovate your baseball field? Explore our resource library to find the right infill to meet your needs.

Learn more about the benefits of Envirofill and Safeshell

Why do baseball players and coaches love USGreentech infill?

Mimics the Ball Roll of Natural Grass

Athletes expect consistency. Envirofill and Safeshell infills mimic the even surface of natural grass so athletes can expect that perfect ball roll every time.

Low Maintenance

Coaches and athletes want to step onto the field with confidence. Our infills require no frequent top off and are made to be resilient, even if the weather throws some curveballs.

Nice and Clean

Envirofill and Safeshell are designed with cleanliness in mind. Whether you’re sprinting in the outfield or sliding into home plate, our infills look out for your well-being.

Frequently Asked Questions
For a full-size athletic field, the cost will vary based on many factors. Once the field owner commits to putting in a pad, the increase to go to a progressive infill over crumb rubber can be as little as $50,000. Read this blog to learn more:
Though we highlight only 5 categories, the number of infill types exceeds 15+. Most fall within each of the 5 categories and present different benefits and best use cases. Read this blog to learn more:
Yes! Each infill category has its strengths and weaknesses. Often an infill will work better in one area of the country than another. Weighing the factors unique to your own situation is essential in choosing the right option. USGreentech has 2 of the most innovative, highest performing products that fall within each alternative infill category above. Use our system recommender to find the right infill for you.
Infill provides ballast and stability in a turf system, keeping fibers standing tall and creating the support an athlete needs when they run across a field. Read this blog to learn more:
Infill affects ball roll, how fast an athlete can move across a field, and how safely they can play on a field. It can have a big impact on the performance of a field and in many cases a bigger impact than any other component of the system.
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