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Now you can put the “natural” in artificial turf infill with Safeshell! 

Meet the no-hassle, low-maintenance, 100% organic infill of your dreams.

Safeshell is revolutionizing backyards and playgrounds across the country. Safe for kids of all ages, Safeshell is the ideal infill for parents and facility owners looking for a natural infill solution that is environmentally friendly, durable, safe, and clean. Safeshell is made from 100% natural and US-grown walnut shells. Safeshell is an award-winning infill that is certified USDA BioBased.

Safeshell Natural Infill, The Perfect Infill For Lawns & Playgrounds

Safeshell, known for its durability and natural makeup, is the 1st USDA Certified BioPreferred artificial turf infill. Designed by a parent whose child had a nut allergy, safety was our first thought when creating Safeshell. If you are looking for a natural infill, allow us to explain why Safeshell is the best option.

Benefits of Safeshell Organic Infill
100% Natural

Safeshell is created from a blend of two by-products (Black and English walnut shells). Safeshell will naturally decompose back into the earth at the end of its lifecycle.

Rich Natural Earth Tone

Safeshell's naturally rich earth tone enhances the natural appearance of your artificial turf lawn.

Chemical & Allergen Free

Safeshell was designed with safety in mind. Through a proprietary chemical free heating process, any residual allergens remaining on the walnut shell are removed. Safeshell is so safe, it can be ingested and our allergen removal process follows FDA Guidelines removing allergens below 2.4 parts per million.

Durable Yet Organic

As the most durable natural infill on the market, Safeshell is made from one of the hardest nut shells on the planet. It won’t break down and it doesn't float, which means there is limited migration of the product and it stays in place.

Natural Evaporative Cooling

Safeshell wet or dry will cool your artificial turf surface when the proper amount of infill is installed. Made for evaporative cooling, Safeshell, a natural absorbent stores rain water and releases it over time to provide cooling benefits on hot days.

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Safeshell Landscape Applications


Safeshell's lush, muted earth tones, look great in any landscape application. While the aesthetics of Safeshell are a major benefit, it will also provide durability, cooler temperatures, low maintenance, and more to your artificial turf lawn. Create the perfect place to host an outdoor movie night or barbeque with friends.


Safeshell artificial turf infill is preferred by parents and facilities across the country looking for a natural infill safe for their children to play on. Chemical-free and toxin-free Safeshell is clean, green, and safe if possibly ingested. Focus on your children playing carefree, and worry less about what they are playing on.

Recreation and Play Spaces

Safeshell is the best all-natural infill when it comes to artificial turf Play Spaces. It’s tough enough for any application and allergen-free. Long-lasting, natural cooling, and superior durability mean you won’t have to sacrifice quality and performance by going natural.

Frequently Asked Questions
What is artificial turf infill and why do I need it?
Infill is a product placed between the plastic fibers/blades of artificial grass. It is one of the most critical components of synthetic turf systems for a few reasons: 1. Infill helps keep the turf fibers standing upright, giving them a full, lush feel while protecting them from damage such as breaking and fraying. 2. Infill is a ballast layer that helps keep the turf weighted to limit the risk of wrinkling and lifting. Without proper infill depths and weight, artificial turf is prone to movement throughout the seasons.
My kid has a nut allergy, will they be safe if they play on Safeshell or accidentally ingest it?
Safeshell is an allergen-free product. We teamed up with a leading biotechnology firm to develop a patent-pending process that eliminates allergens that remain on the shell after separation from the nut. Following FDA guidelines, our process removes allergens below 2.4 parts per million. Safeshell is regularly subjected to third-party analysis by an ISO-certified food testing laboratory to ensure that the product is allergen-free and absent of even the most trace amount (< 2.4 ppm) of walnut protein. A stringent < 2.4 ppm specification provides the basis for allergen-free claims, which is well below the < 20 ppm limit set by the FDA for gluten-free claims.
Where can I buy Safeshell?
Safeshell can be purchased through our nationwide distribution network. Fill out the form below and our partner will reach out to help you purchase Safeshell.
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Do you have additional questions or are you ready to take your artificial grass lawn natural with Safeshell? Fill out the form below and our nationwide shipping partner will be in touch shortly. Once you fill out the form, our partner will reach out to you within 24 hours answering any questions you may have and helping you to coordinate product delivery. Safeshell can be shipped across the country and installed by your preferred artificial turf installer.