The Wheeler School

The Challenge

The Wheeler School wanted to build a new synthetic turf field on their remote athletic campus which is adjacent to the upper watershed of Runnins River. It was important that the infill selected not negatively affect the downstream water quality. It was also critical that the infill was not be difficult to maintain or create a burden that would take the focus away from maintaining the other 7 natural fields on campus.

The Solution

The Wheeler School took a hard look at 7 infill options and narrowed the decision to Envirofill and Safeshell. Ultimately, Safeshell was selected because it was a natural product that was ideal for the field location adjacent to a nature preserve and was required much less maintenance than the other natural infills.

Year Installed:
Infill Type:
1.75 Dual Fiber
17mm shock pad
In the first six months, Safeshell has lived up to our expectations as being low-maintenance, durable, and safe. All of the parents’ questions surrounding the topic of Safeshell and allergens were answered thoroughly by USGreentech. No issues have surfaced since the athletes have been playing on the field. The three words we would use to describe our experience with Safeshell in the first six months are: it’s natural, easy and dependable.
Gary Esposito, Director of Operations