Sacred Heart Academy

The Challenge

Sacred Heart Academy knew their current synthetic turf field was approaching time for replacement. Their field is heavily used by 3 different sports that all have unique performance characteristics - field hockey, soccer, and lacrosse. Specifically, the sport they were worried about the field performance most was field hockey. Field hockey demands a fast and firm surface, while soccer requires the ability to slow the ball and game down. Their previous synthetic turf field with crumb rubber infill could not meet the grueling requirements of a multipurpose field with all 3 of these sports needs.

The Solution

Based on the stringent performance characteristics needed for their athletes to succeed, Sacred Heart Academy started looking for a progressive artificial turf infill. Their athletes had played on local fields with Envirofill infill at St. Xavier High School and quickly noticed a performance difference from their previous field. They liked the underfoot feel and ball-to-surface interaction that Envirofill offered. Envirofill provides a firm and fast system for field hockey while also mimicking the feel of natural grass for their soccer and lacrosse games. After careful consideration, Sacred Heart Academy found a synthetic turf system with Envirofill to be the best option for their unique combination of sports, and the performance demands each of those sports requires.

Field Hockey, Lacrosse, Soccer
Year Installed:
Infill Type:
1.63 dual fiber with thatch
20mm shock pad