Peter Bluesten Park - Hallandale Beach

The Challenge

Peter Bluesten Park in Hallandale Beach is a coastal location that has rain events almost daily. Hallandale Beach needed a turf infill that could withstand these sporadic and intense rain events without washing away or migrating. It was also important to Hallandale to avoid the use of crumb rubber due to Florida’s hot climate and because they were concerned about the negative impact crumb rubber may have on the safety of their community and environment.

The Solution

The city of Hallandale Beach set out to find an infill that would solve the issues they were facing with heat, heavy rain, and a need for a safe, non-toxic infill. After evaluating various infills, Safeshell’s organic nature and heat reduction capabilities made it the obvious choice for their park. A key benefit of Safeshell is its heavy bulk density meaning it will not float or migrate away. These attributes make Safeshell the perfect natural infill for a hot location that receives frequent rainfalls. In addition to the durability and low maintenance of Safeshell, it also gives the community peace of mind that their kids are playing on a safe surface.

Year Installed:
Infill Type:
1.5" Slit-film
20mm shock pad