Tatum High School

The Challenge

Tatum High School stadium field is a point of pride for this rural community. It's a gathering space where the community comes together to see the talent and potential in their student athletes. When it came to converting the field to synthetic in 2005, the school wanted something that would help them differentiate this field from other in the region.

The Solution

Long before non-rubber infills were a popular choice, the school selected Envirofill along with a recycled foam pad. This decision served them well when it was time to replace the turf in 2013. At that point, the Envirofill and pad were reclaimed, the turf replaces and then the pad and Envirofill re-installed into the field, saving them money in the long run.

Football, Soccer
Central, Southwest
Year Installed:
2005, 2013
Infill Type:
1.75" monofilament
23mm shock pad
Envirofill has been a part of our high school synthetic turf field since 2005. It has created a high performance surface that is at the top of our league. When our field wore out, it was time for new turf but not new infill. We were able to reclaim and reuse the Envirofill which saved our school a considerable amount of money in the process and created a surface that our players were very comfortable playing on.
Andy Evans, Tatum High School, Assistant Athletic Director