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Residential Lawn Case Study

Due to the COVID-19 pandemic, a family in Washington, D.C., had to transition to a new, more home-centered life. Between working from home and minimal trips into the city, they needed an outlet — a break from the indoors and an escape into nature — to give them more family time in a safe environment. Since Washington, D.C., is a highly populated urban city, they decided to upgrade their backyard from natural grass to artificial turf — creating an outdoor oasis for their family (dog included) to enjoy.

Envirofill is a non-toxic, pet and child friendly infill for artificial grass.
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Project Details

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Capitol Turf Pros

The Challenge

After being disappointed with their natural grass and its inability to grow in their shady backyard, the family turned to Capitol Turf Pros — an Envirofill partner and artificial turf installer serving the northeast area —  to transform their backyard. To complete the process, the family needed an infill (material placed within the blades of artificial grass to keep it standing lush and tall) for their new turf backyard. They needed a product that would be clean, safe and reliable as they have young children and a dog. 

The Solution

Their artificial turf backyard offers a smooth, beautiful space for their family and dog to opt outside while spending more time at home. They no longer have to deal with brown grass or spend hours on heavy maintenance. Additionally, Envirofill with Microban® antimicrobial product protection helps prevent bacteria growth, odors, and stains — an important concern with having young kids and pets. Artificial grass with Envirofill provides them with the clean, safe, low-maintenance surface they were looking for.

The Result

Clean and Safe

The parents wanted a product that would keep their young children and dog clean and safe. Envirofill contains built -in antimicrobial technology and is  non-toxic, making it one of the cleanest and safest products on the market — a crucial component for this Washington, D.C., family.  

Low-Maintenance Turf

Artificial turf with Envirofill requires minimal upkeep and no costly water bills. It also doesn’t require any mowing. Leaving this family with more quality outdoor time spent on a clean and year-round ready-to-use lawn for many years to come. 

Outside Time Anytime

With a much more home-centered life, the family wanted a fun outdoor space to utilize frequently. Thanks to Envirofill, their artificial grass stays beautiful and playable whenever they wish to use it. From playtime with their kids on the playset to throwing the ball with their dog or even socially distanced outdoor picnics, they now have a beautiful outdoor landscape.

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