Natural Infill Selected for Turf Field

City of Portsmouth

The City of Portsmouth recently opened a new multi-use outdoor sports field so the residents of Portsmouth could enjoy lacrosse, soccer, and other popular sports on a high-performance turf field. The City selected synthetic turf for its playability, safety, and ability to allow continuous play despite weather conditions.​​ 

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Project Details

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Infill Type:
Weston & Sampson
Schmitz Proplay

The Challenge

As the City of Portsmouth planned the construction of its new field, the safety of the town’s residents and environment were top priorities. They discovered that conventional rubber was not the only option available and began searching for reputable non-toxic, allergen-free field materials that wouldn’t get too hot in the summertime.

The Solution

The field directors did extensive research on the benefits of non-rubber turf infill during the planning and construction phase of the public facility. After reviewing samples and testing information, they felt confident that Safeshell would function as a non-toxic, “green” turf infill solution and offer the durability and performance of conventional turf infill. 

Hear from the Customer

Hear from a real field user on his experience playing on the City of Portsmouth turf field installed with Safeshell natural turf infill. David points out the noticeable difference in surface heat reduction and touches on how he did not have to worry despite having a tree nut allergy.

I like this better than other turf fields we've played on. We've noticed that after playing on the field for a while we're not as tired or hot. Definitely like this infill better than the little rubber pellets."
Matt, Portsmouth, NH High School Lacrosse player

The Result


In its first year, the field already gets tons of play, and community members have peace of mind that it’s safe for students, especially those with allergies and the environment.


The field directors found the installation process was easy and efficient, and Safeshell exceeded their expectations as an innovative, environmentally-friendly product. The field looks and performs well, is easy to maintain, and offers unparalleled safety.


Local student-athletes love how cool Safeshell keeps the turf in summer and its ability for continuous play, despite weather conditions. Safeshell is durable and never requires the recovery time natural fields need after inclement weather.

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