Bolivar-Richburg High School

The Challenge

Bolivar-Richburg High School was faced with the decision of choosing an infill for their synthetic turf field in a community that strongly voiced their opinions against using crumb rubber due to safety concerns. On top of the community's opinions of bettering their turf system with a modern infill, they also wanted something that could mitigate surface heat. It was important to Bolivar-Richburg that the system they created would still perform similar to natural grass.

The Solution

After thoroughly researching the different infill types on the market, Bolivar-Richburg decided to work with a tried and true infill for baseball systems, Envirofill. Envirofill met all their criteria: a modern infill, with surface temperature reduction, and ball to surface interaction. Choosing Envirofill gave the community peace of mind that the athletes were playing on a trusted and vetted product that provided the team field performance to play like pros!

Baseball, Multi-Purpose
Year Installed:
Infill Type:
1.63 dual fiber with thatch
We are thrilled with our new field. It plays like a real natural turf field. Our new system with Envirofill allows us to play a different game than we could before. We can bunt on it very realistically now, thanks to our infill.
Dustin Allen, Athletic Director