Powerfill: Advanced TPE

USGreentech has launched a new infill for synthetic turf, expanding their portfolio to include a best-in-class product within each segment. In addition to Envirofill, an acrylic-coated, round sand, and Safeshell, an organic infill crafted from US-grown walnut shells, the newest product is an advanced TPE, named Powerfill. TPE stands for thermoplastic elastomer, which is a virgin plastic material. Powerfill is differentiated from other TPEs on the market today because of its unique chemical composition. Made in the USA using 60% rapidly-renewable, bio-based material including oils derived from corn and soybeans grown in the Midwest, this new product can be described as a flexible-plastic infill designed specifically for synthetic turf.

Another key difference between Powerfill and many TPE products is performance in high temperatures. Failures have occurred in standard TPE installations in California, Massachusetts and Connecticut due to the TPE not holding up to the heat. The fields were left with a gum-like sheet of melted TPE, were no longer usable and needed to be replaced. Powerfill stands out from the competition engineered with a melting point upwards of 300o F.  Powerfill’s unique chemical composition incorporates reflective additives  along with air blown pellets which bounce off heat and  acts as insulation.

It was no mistake that Powerfill’s unique characteristics elevate it to be the most advanced TPE on the market. The chemistry behind the product ensures a safe, high-performance surface for athletes. USGreentech teamed with Guardian Innovations, a group with an impressive background in cutting-edge chemistry. The two company cultures are well aligned to challenge the norm, focus on the future and emphasize industry innovation. Guardian developed the Powerfill chemistry, and the partnership with USGreentech will allow the product visibility in the North American and European synthetic turf markets.

Valerie Webster, President, describes USGreentech’s journey in determining this 3rd option which rounds out USGreentech’s current  infill offerings: “We saw a demand for resilient infill across the country and were unsatisfied with the current technology. With Powerfill, we have combined the best of mother nature and science to develop the safest and highest-performing flexible infill for synthetic turf. This resilient infill further  rounds out our portfolio ensuring we can always meet our customers’ needs.”

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