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Tough enough for the game. Soft enough for your fall.


Bio-Based TPE
Powerfill is made from rapidly renewable products such as natural corn and soy oils. It's also recyclable, making it a highly sustainable product. In fact, Powerfill contains the same proven technology used for drinking water pipes and medical devices.
Thermally Stable
Powerfill has a high melting point at 300°F and no clumping up to 200°F making it a reliable option on even the hottest days.
Powerfill is designed for peace of mind. It's free of off-gassing, phthalates and heavy metals.
Each spherical grain of Powerfill encapsulates 30% air, making it soft and cushioned. Which means less abrasion and a softer impact when your athlete goes in for the slide.
Made in the USA
When buying Powerfill, you're supporting American workers. Since the product is domestically sourced, the shipping cost is also more reasonable.

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