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USGreentech is dedicated to our mission: Creating better turf systems together. We’re doing so by helping to educate field designers, owners and contractors about why infill is an important part of the synthetic turf system (see our INFILL 101 page to learn more) and by developing products that will provide a consistent, safe surface that also ensures top performance by athletes who play on our products.

What is Infill?

Infill is the dense, fine particle materials located at the base of a synthetic turf system. Supporting the turf blades, it acts as the ballast, footing, and athlete shock absorption. Since 1998, synthetic turf systems mainly consisted of crumb rubber but after two decades of playing on these surfaces, field owners realized that crumb rubber didn’t meet all their needs.

A lot of progress has taken place in recent years, offering a multitude of infill, pad and turf options that can be designed specifically for your geography, sport and maintenance expectations.

Choose your infill wisely. Infill has a greater impact on system performance than any other component. And pound for pound, there is significantly more infill than any other component in a synthetic turf system. Let us help you sort through the information and make sense of all the options.

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Our Product Portfolio

USGreentech takes pride in offering the top infill solutions on the market today. We've developed best-in-class products within these infill categories - Mineral and Natural. See our product lineup below and learn which might be the best fit for your project.

We like to think of Envirofill as “The Champion of Infills”. Low maintenance, clean and reusable, there are many benefits to this coated sand.

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Safeshell combines the best of Mother Nature with the best of synthetic turf. An all-natural product made in the U.S., Safeshell is an important improvement in the organic category.

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What Coated Sand USA-Grown Walnut Shells
Warranty 16 years 8 years
Reusable Yes No (compostable)
Cost The cost of these products (per square foot) are within about 10% of one another when put into one of our recommended systems.
Color Green or Tan Rich Brown
Pile Height 1.625" (thatch preferred) 1.75"
Sourcing Texas, USA Missouri, USA
Weight 100% Envirofill 33% Safeshell,
67% Round Sand
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