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Our Story

Since 2009, USGreentech has focused on one essential part of the synthetic turf system: the infill. Our company thrives because we believe What’s In Your Turf Matters®. We believe it matters more than any other component of the system. We have never lost sight of where we started and are now considered infill experts in the turf industry. Backed by our parent company’s 40 years of experience in the sports field industry, USGreentech understands what it takes to create long-lasting synthetic turf systems with well-vetted components. Our experience with design and construction ensures that we will always be at the top of our game when it comes to helping our customers better understand installation, maintenance and removal of synthetic turf. We continually innovate to provide new and better ways to serve our customers. In summary, we care. We care about the synthetic turf industry. We care about the young athletes we serve. We stand behind the products we deliver. We’re not just your synthetic turf infill provider; we’re your biggest fan.

Our Values

As a company and as individuals we are rooted in our five core values and consider them a foundation for everything we do. Whether it’s a summer intern or the president of our company, every team member knows our values and uses them as a guiding light in decision making. Our 5 Core Values are:

Championship Quality
Throughout our products, delivery, and service

Doing the right thing

Think Like An Owner
A sense of pride and responsibility

Striving for a better way

Providing personal and professional enhancement opportunities

Our Mission

Mission Statement: Creating Better Turf Systems Together

Our mission is to be the first infill choice for field owners and homeowners. USGreentech exists because infill is an integral part of a synthetic turf system, and choosing the right one will increase system longevity, improve athletic performance, and address safety concerns. We understand the challenges and concerns owners face, namely high surface heat, perceived crumb rubber health risks, and concussion protection. We are constantly focused on researching and developing the best technology, balancing these factors with high performance. Our focus is to move the industry forward always putting the athletes, children and other end users of the field first when finding solutions to their problems.

Our Culture

We can proudly say that our team members are excited to come to work each and every day. This is made possible through the caring and fun culture we’ve created. In addition to all of us being co-workers, we are co-owners. USGreentech, as part of our parent company, The Motz Corporation, is part of an employee stock ownership plan (ESOP) which means our owners (employees) are invested in the success of our customers, partners and industry as a whole.  USGreentech fosters a culture of innovation, allowing team members at all levels to come up with out-of-the box ideas to problem solve. The energy of the team is infectious and fuels the passion we feel about the work we do. Open communication is highly valued to keep our headquarters and remote owners across the country connected. This culture has been proven as USGreentech is a multi-year finalist in the Cincinnati Business Courier’s Best Places to Work competition, WINNER of the 2016 Best Places to Work competition, and WINNER of the 2017 INC’s Top 50 Best Workplaces.

Our Team

Meet our most valuable asset; our people! Each and every one of this diverse group of individuals brings something special to the table.

Joe Motz
I thoroughly enjoy what I do and the difference I see we are making in people’s lives through our coming together to build turf systems and advancing the industry through the ongoing products we are developing to continue to advance it. I love the outdoors, hiking and hanging out (hammock style), biking up mountain passes, or skiing down the other side. There is much thrill-seeking to be had out there.
Valerie Webster
Valerie likes to think of herself as an innovative numbers person. Her passion is people. Realizing spreadsheets don’t motivate people, Valerie invests her time in getting to know people, learning what tools they need to get their work done while driving efficiencies throughout the organization. Valerie’s self-proclaimed mantra: “Find new and better ways.”
Adam Coleman
General Manager
Adam is a strategic-thinker and problem-solver who thrives in conditions where creative and technical elements meet. A dynamic team-player at heart, Adam enjoys a collaborative and energetic work environment. Outside of the office he's sure to be seen, craft beer in-hand, spending time with his family and friends. If he's not on a boat or out on the course, he's likely cheering on some of his favorite Cincinnati based sports teams or traveling to a new and exciting destination!
Ross Vocke
Operations Manager
His #1 favorite thing about being with USGreentech is “the focus on taking care of the employees and providing opportunities for growth both at work and at home.” Ross most enjoys the challenge each day brings in his role: There’s always something new to test, review, analyze, etc. As part of USGreentech’s cultural belief in giving back to communities in need, Ross volunteers as a weekly math tutor at his elementary school alma-mater. He understands math can be a boring subject, but he loves coming up with ways to engage his students and in return they usually have something funny to say to give him a laugh or a smile. On the weekend, Ross likes walking to grab a coffee, going to the gym to shoot some hoops, go for a run, or do anything else that gets his blood flowing. His favorite meal for breakfast, lunch, dinner, brunch, rain, shine, etc…..is pizza!
Brad Borgman
Director of Sales
Brad is a self-proclaimed landscape enthusiast who truly appreciates the opportunity to make a positive impact in another person's life. A transplant from southeastern Indiana, this Colorado resident loves spending time outdoors with his wife, three kids, and of course, Mother Nature. When he's not at work or at a campground by the lake, this former athlete is catching a college basketball game and indulging in a large plate of loaded nachos!
Mackenzie Hesler
Marketing Manager
To Mackenzie, her love for working for USGreentech stems from “the opportunity they provide for their employees to grow and develop personally and professionally.” As Marketing Manager, she loves getting to experience all the different aspects of marketing that make every day new, exciting, and full of learning. Mackenzie can be found in her spare time being involved in Asheville’s Young Professional Organization. But when there’s nothing going on there, she loves having her head in the clouds hiking the mountains of North Carolina!
Kimberly Williams
Regional Sales Manager, Northwest
Kimberly’s favorite thing about working at USGreentech is the culture. “USGreentech is a place of innovation, collaboration, work-life balance, and variety. We are always evolving, always changing” and she enjoys having a front row seat to all of the action. Kimberly loves being involved in the design process of her customer's projects. Her drive comes from providing true partnership to ensure the results are immediate and impactful therefore creating a positive end-result. Besides partnering with communities on their projects, she is also passionate about supporting individuals that have been affected by breast cancer. Kimberly currently serves as a brand ambassador for the Susan G. Komen foundation in Los Angeles, CA. She also prefers an active lifestyle and enjoys working out, hiking, and chowing down at her favorite LA restaurant Javier’s. BEAR DOWN is Kimberly’s motto as she proudly represents her alma mater the University of Arizona.
Andrew Adams
Regional Sales Manager, Northeast
Andrew loves being a part of USGreentech because he “loves working for a company that is very intentional about culture and truly support each other.” As a Regional Sales Manager, Andrew thinks it’s so cool to see teams and community members enjoy turf spaces that he was a part of. In the spirit of service, Andrew has spent the past two years volunteering for Philabundance, which sorts bulk food items and distributes them to families in need throughout the Philadelphia community. If there’s any activity on the weekend involving sports, concerts, food, or the Ohio State Buckeyes, Andrew is down to hang! But once a year, every year since 2001, there is a reserved weekend dedicated to the Ohio High School State Boys Basketball tournament.
Shaun Garrity
Regional Sales Manager, Southwest
As a USGreentech employee owner, Shaun’s favorite thing about being a part of the company is that “we walk the walk when it comes to our core values.” In his role as a Regional Sales Manager, Shaun loves working one-on-one with turf installers to help them solve their customers' problems and helping them grow their business. Shaun is an avid dog lover, and spends his time and money helping Boxer Rescue in Southern California for dogs in need. You can find Shaun out on the weekends with his dog Ace at dog shows, or spending time doing home-improvement projects. Shaun also plays a mean mandolin when he has the time!
Bo Shipley
Regional Sales Manager, Southeast
Bo loves “the company’s focus on making a positive impact on the communities we serve as well as being employee focused.” In his role as a regional sales manager, Bo enjoys being on the front lines working alongside the company’s partners and distributors to create better turf systems together. In the spirit of being in an athletically inclined industry, Bo volunteers for his local sports organization to help maintain their facilities. On the weekends, Bo can be found spending time outdoors with his family and friends camping, hiking, swimming at the lake, or playing various types of sports. Prior to being involved with USGreentech, Bo was actually in the restaurant industry. His 10 years in the restaurant biz fuels his current passion for cooking and sharing healthy, delicious recipes.
Benjamin Bourque
Regional Sales Manager, Central
Ben describes his #1 favorite aspect of working for USGreentech is “our company’s strong focus on integrity in the synthetic turf marketplace.” As a Regional Sales Manager, Ben enjoys waking up every day to continue building and fostering relationships with customers and industry partners. He is passionate about spending his time volunteering with multiple organizations in his area to distribute nutritious foods to local “food deserts.” In his downtime, Ben loves being in the great outdoors no matter the season! If it’s football season, you may catch Ben cheering on his alma mater the Colorado State University Rams.
Mikayla Lanier
Logistics & Account Support
Mikayla loves being a part of USGreentech for the culture and people. “There’s tons of room for growth, personally and professionally, which the company strongly supports.” The best part of Mikayla’s position to her is the opportunity to work with all sorts of different people, and the new things she gets to learn every single day on the job. Although she likes spending her weekends attending FC Cincinnati games and exploring new restaurants and parks, Mikayla also enjoys just binge watching Netflix with her puppy Ollie and her two cats Nippert and Dora.
April Bentley
Marketing Coordinator
April’s favorite thing about working for USGreentech is the company’s culture and values. “It’s great working for a company that values a person’s personal life as well as their professional life. It is my extended family.” As Marketing Coordinator and Graphic Designer, April loves knowing that her work leads to customers having a remarkable experience. At USGreentech and within the community, April enjoys working with young people to help them explore the wide range of opportunities available to them. "Growing up in a small town, I was not aware of the variety of careers I could pursue. My past jobs and life choices have lead me to do something I love and I want to help others find that for themselves."
Rachel Clark
Logistics & Account Support
For Rachel, the best part of being a part of the company is the people she works with. “We’re all here for each other and it makes me look forward to coming to work every morning!” Rachel’s favorite thing about her position is helping customers get what they need when they need it. She’s passionate about animals and spends time volunteering at the Save the Animals Foundation in Cincinnati. Rachel loves maintaining an active lifestyle with activities such as weight lifting, hiking, biking, swimming, and playing volleyball if there’s a chance. But on the weekends, you can probably find her hanging out with her friends!
Ashley Schriefer
Digital Marketing Specialist
Although Ashley is a newer member of the USGreentech family, her favorite thing about the company (so far) is the people. “Working here isn’t always like having a job, it’s also like having a family.” Ashley’s favorite thing about her role as a Digital Marketing Specialist is her ability to exercise her passions for marketing and technology at the same time. On her down time, if she’s not watching Netflix cuddled up with her two dogs, Ashley will definitely be on the go traveling! Her dream destination is Ireland, but any sort of fall-themed festival closer to home will scratch her travel itch in a pinch.
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